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EXPERIENCE GAINED FROM THE STUDY TOUR. #NRC #emobilis #dadaabcollective

Updated: Mar 27

My freelancing journey started at the end of 2018 with NRC where I learnt about creating profiles on online platforms, writing proposals, biding jobs, and working online. The first job that I received was in June 2020 whereby, Osman and muhidin mentored me well, on translation and interpretation using a website called (Boostlingo) I was earning money but later on there were challenges that came across that stops my work.

During this tour, it was a great opportunity to be part of these members that travelled to Nairobi to learn new things about online freelancing. I gained a lot from the facilitators on how to manage the finance whenever I get a project. Having teamwork is important sometimes you can get ongoing projects that you cannot do alone that need many people and they have different characters so you need to have the patience to come up with conflict resolution and manage stress in-between your team and treat them equally. I also released as female freelancers it’s the best work that they can do at home without going out on caring for their children.

In addition to that, the things I have gained from the facilitators are upskilling, and never limiting yourself to one skill you need to grow and expand your skill sets and as you are a student you can also work. As I have visited different places like adept technologies and gearbox where we discussed building a relationship with our agency.

The gearbox Academy offers different skills and I interacted with students who were learning computer engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. I appreciate NRC and eMobilis arranging this tour for us and opening our eyes to work online.

Author: Hawo Mohamed

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